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Blow Out Deal!! 1.49 pr Ft #3-#4 Common, Unfinished Red and White Oak
( Cabin Grade/Utility Grade ) Wood Flooring.

After searching the country for a line of Cabin Grade Unfinished Red and White Oak, we settled on a few American suppliers in Tennesee, Kentucky and three Appalachain states, that had ample quantity to fill our needs and the price to match.
The price is an unbelievable $1.49 -$1.45 Per St Ft !!
This Oak is all Unfinished American Applachian Hardwood. Hardness rating of 1290
The Width is 2 1/4 - 3 1/4
The thickness is 3/4 Solid wood.
The length is random with some shorts ie: 24" - 36"

3 1/4 x 3/4 White Oak

3 1/4 x 3/4 Red Oak

2 1/4 x 3/4 White Oak

What it looks like finished, Beautiful character!

#3 COMMON Unfinished Red and White Oak
May contain natural variations of the forest product and manufacturing imperfections. The purpose of this grade is to furnish a floor suitable for cabins, utility use, or where character marks, material defects, contrasting appearance and low cost is desired. Some pieces may not be usable except in closets or under furniture, it is recommended that the customer add 10 to 15% waste to their order.
Rustic #3 common is sometimes called Cabin Grade or Tavern Grade.
Cabin Grade will have more of the wood's natural flaws such as: unlimited sound knots with open cracks to 1/2", wormholes, bark pockets, open checks and splits to 1/4" x 3". The face may contain the following imperfections in the finishing: bubbles, skips in the finish, lines, stain/color variations, surface handling scratches, rough finish, unlimited white grain, debris to a quarter of a piece and wood filler.
However, the following characters are NOT admitted: mis-manufactured boards, shattered or rotten ends, large open knots and other unsound defects of similar nature, pieces with less than a quarter of a full tongue, and delamination.
Wastage is highly dependent upon the quality of floor desired. When installed by a professional flooring installer familiar with cabin grade grading rules, there is around 10-15% wastage factor.

Trivia about Red Oak:
Red oak’s stiffness and density make it one of the most popular types of flooring not only in residential settings, but is also commonly used in health clubs, basketball courts, badminton courts and other similar sports facilities.
It is renowned for its durability and decorative appearance.

Properties: A hard and dense wood with very good dimensional stability.
Red Oak is the industry benchmark for comparing the relative hardness of different wood species.

Red Oak: Quercus rubra; (latin)
The red oak is one of the largest and most important timber trees. One of the fastest growing of the oaks, it attains a to 80 feet and a diameter of two to three feet. It has a wide, spreading head with few far reaching branches. Found growing over southeastern Canada and the northeastern United States, it reaches west to central Minnesota, eastern Nebraska and Kansas. It is found over most of Iowa on a variety of soils, except on the drier clay uplands. It prefers moist, rich soils on north, east or northeast exposures.
The tree has a single, lobed leaf with seven to eleven pointed or bristly-tipped lobes. The lobe sinuses reach one-half way to mid-vein. The leaves are thin, firm, dull green above, yellow-green below, varying considerably.
The fruit is a large, broad, rounded acorn with a very shallow disk-like or saucer-shaped cup or cap.
The twigs are small, slender, greenish brown to dark brown. On young branches the bark is smooth and gray to greenish. On the trunk it breaks into long, narrow, shallow ridges flat and smooth on top. The underbark is light red.
Height: 70 to 90 ft.
Trunk Diameter: 2 to 4 ft.
Longevity: 300+ yrs.
Tolerance: intermediate
Range: eastern U.S. except for the south Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains