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We give Konecto Floors Top Billing on the site as it has proved itself to be a cost effective solution to a wood like floor.
Our four kids and the our Chihuahua have proved its wearablity.
Konecto is pet proof and kid proof.
Metroflor Luxury Vinyl Tile-Konecto Flooring is hottest selling floor on the market.
It glues only to itself so no messy glue is needed.
The Konecto floor can be laid over almost any subfloor with minumal floor prep.
Konecto Flooring is warm and comfortable under your feet and adds look of wood or premium tile without the trouble of wood or the mess of tile glue.
It is the easiest floor on the market to install your self.

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Proper Konecto Installation:
We have all seen articles about the install of this flooring, when I read them it seems there are relevant facts missing. I base my knowledge off 30 years as a second generation flooring installer that has worked with Konecto since it came to market.
I installed the Sierra Westwood Konecto in my bathroom this weekend.
I will walk you through the install.
Here is what we started with:










Once you get the Konecto be sure to properly acclimate it. This means;The Konecto must be in the room you are going install it in for at least 48 hours prior. the room tempature must be between 65-85 degrees. If you are replacing carpet, remove the carpet and padding and let the concrete come to room temperature as well. Prior to installing be sure to have your 3 lb handroller and your 100lb roller.You can rent these at all most any tool rental shop. The handroller can be purchased online if it is not available in your area.

Be sure your floor is very clean and free of moisture and you have dust free environment.
After three coats of patch to fill the ridges from the ceramic tile.
You can normally just back fill the groutjoints and lay over but I have heated floor system I did not want to defuse any heat.
You will want to pull from several boxes at once to keep shade variations consistent to keep the look of real wood flooring.

Set your first plank in place 1/4" from your longest wall, the glue strip facing you, remove the next planks from the boxes you have set in staging.

The second plank you will cut aprox 8" shorter than the first plank.

With your yardstick or speed square measure the point and market it with your sharpie or pencil then score it with your untilty knife, once it is scored, snap it back it will come right off. If you use a sharpie besure your mark is cut off as it will be permanent.

Align the end of your second 1/4" from the wall and lay into the glue glue strip facing you.

Now you can get rolling, take your 3 lb handroller and roll the seam.
As luck would have it, we sold our last handroller.... I used a damprag to resist friction and pushed each seam in by hand.
Your third plank you will set on the end of the first plank, align it properly but do not roll the seam yet.get ready for your forth plank, it will set on the end of your second plank, as you set it in place start at the overlapped corner, set your end first and then align your length as you do this since you did not roll the end of the prior plank there will be movment allowed to align your planks lengths.

You see I have a cut already.
Once you are happy with the alignment continue these two rows to your wall end. You are now ready for your end wall cut; Take the plank you intend to cut and reverse it... set the wall side 1/4" from the wall to maintain your expansion mark the plank length in accordance with the stopping point of your last full plank, draw your line, make the cut.

Turn the plank back around and it should be the perfect fit with your 1/4" expansion already set in place. Repeat this to finish your first two rows.Be sure to roll each seam with your handroller. Confirm the floor has 1/4" expansion on all walls.

Now you are really rolling (pardon the pun). Get your 100 lb roller in action and roll the rows be sure, to not contaminate the visible glued strip.

In the opposite side:

When I get done far enough I will lay out some boxes to work off so I do not scuff the floor with my well used knee-pads

Continue this process throughout the room, set your stagger on the end joints about 6-8" from the prior end joint, this will give you floor a true woodlike appearance.Roll each seam with the handroller and keep the 100 lb roller moving on each several completed row sections.

When you are done, roll the floor again a few times just to be sure. You see; The glue on the strip is a pressure senstive epoxy, this mean the more pressure applied the stronger the bond grows, so... you want the most amount of pressure applied will installing.

You are done! Way to go, looks great!

* If you go into a two day install, cover the glue strip overnight with the paper from the boxes.
* Be certain you acclimate the product... and the room !
* If you only have kneepads with a hard suface tape the front of them up so you do not scuff the floor, I use several layers of duct tape when I do this.
* Make sure to have several new blades for your knife, one will not be enough.
* Use only Konecto products you will find the "best price" on the internet. There are other vinyl planks on the market but Konecto is a leader in the industry and has worked out all the bugs.
* If moisture is present in your floor, dry it completely and then do a moisture test prior to install.
* Do not contaminate your glue strip.
* I use a damp rag to reduce friction while working with the floor.
* Never use a steam cleaner on a Konecto Floor, it will cause the edges to cup and void your warranty. If this has happened to you, contact the steam mop company and request they replace your floor. They should not be advising this method with any floor and should held responsible for their claims.
* You have a full warranty with an online purchase, if a local retailer says you only have one year,they are intentionally misleading you.
* Turn in all your warranty paperwork.

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