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Somerset Unfinished Hardwood (Price Subject to Current Market)

(Click here for Grading Specs;) Unfinished flooring refers to flooring that requires sanding and finishing on site after installation is complete.
Somerset Hardwood flooring is typically 3/4" in thickness, tongue and grooved.
Somerset Hardwood floors must be stapled or nailed over an approved plywood sub-floor and must be installed on or above grade (1st floor or second floor, no basement).
View the prefinished Somerset Hardwood line here.
We are having a special on the Somerset Hardwood's Unfinished line
Square Ft Pricing as low as $2.99 Per foot
(Free shipping most orders. No Tax! Only $99 Shipping for Small orders.)Please contact for truckload or Pallet pricing.
Somerset Hardwoods #1 Common
Red Oak
$3.38 Pr Ft
Somerset Unfinished hardwood Flooring
#2 Common
Red Oak
$3.09 Pr Ft
Somerset Unfinished hardwood Flooring
#1 Common
White Oak
$3.28 Pr Ft
Somerset Unfinished hardwood Flooring
#2 Common
White Oak
$2.99 Pr Ft
Somerset Unfinished hardwood Flooring
White Oak - Select or Better $3.79

Red Oak - Select or Better $3.99

Somerset Hardwoods Cabin Grade
White Oak
$2.59 Pr Ft
Somerset Unfinished hardwood Flooring
Cabin Grade
Red Oak
$2.69 Pr Ft
Somerset Unfinished hardwood Flooring

Unfinished Wood is an extraordinary, beautiful, natural material that is proven to add value to your home — both as a financial investment, and from an enjoyment standpoint. Because it is a natural element, there are things you should know and expect from real hardwood flooring:

Natural Color Changes: Just as your own skin “tans” with exposure to sunlight, unfinished wood flooring will undergo color changes with exposure to both artificial and natural light. Some color change may be dramatic — exotic species are especially prone to color change. Brazilian Cherry and Tiger Wood, for example, will become deeper and more red over time and with exposure to light. You should occasionally move area rugs and furniture that block light and may give the appearance of discoloration underneath.

Natural Movement: Wood will expand and contract with seasonal moisture level changes. This may give the appearance of gaps or cracks in your floor — this is not a product defect. The wider the flooring, the more each individual piece will expand or contract with changes in moisture content. This movement can be minimized with proper use of HVAC including humidity control. Engineered flooring is less prone to natural movement, because it is “engineered” for dimensional stability.

Natural Characteristics: Naturally occurring wood characteristics such as mineral streaks, knots, variations in grain and color are part of every hardwood floor. These characteristics are what make each floor unique.


Appalachian Unfinished Hardwoods – The Finest Raw Materials:
Somerset manufactures many solid flooring options from the finest natural hardwood resource in North America — Appalachian hardwood. With corporate headquarters in Somerset, Kentucky and manufacturing facilities in central Kentucky, the heart of the Appalachian timberlands, our company is strategically positioned to give you the finest quality. Somerset Floors is a Privately Owned Company with Over 20 Years Growth in the Hardwood Industry: We are experts in the wood business, manufacturing Appalachian lumber and unfinished flooring for many years prior to manufacturing prefinished flooring. As demand for our prefinished flooring has grown, we have expanded to multiple manufacturing facilities in Somerset, Burnside and
An Environmentally Sound Choice:
Somerset unfinished Hardwood Flooring is an environmentally sound choice because trees are a renewable resource. We support the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, requiring us to be responsible stewards of the land by meeting independently established and monitored objectives on an ongoing basis. In fact, we feel so strongly about this issue that we are one of only a few manufacturers to have a full time forestry staff.
Grading Specs

Select or Better*
1st grade unfinished flooring refers to the cleanest grade of flooring, containing the least amount of color variation and no knots. Board lengths can vary from 12" to 78" but generally have a longer average length, usually around 3' long.
Unfinished hardwood Flooring
#1 Common 2nd Grade*
#1 common 2nd grade unfinished flooring refers to flooring that has more color variation and can contain some small pin knots. 2nd grade also allows for some sticker stain (stain left as a result of stacking boards during the drying process). Board lengths can vary from 12" to 78" but generally have a medium average length of 2.5' long.
Unfinished hardwood Flooring

Natural/ Rustic #2 Common 3rd Grade*
3rd Grade unfinished flooring can be referred to as #2 Common unfinished and generally describes flooring with a full range of color which include mineral streaks, sticker stain (stain left as a result of stacking boards during the drying process), and solid knots of varying size. Board lengths can vary from 12" to 78" but have a shorter average length, usually around 2' in length.
Unfinished hardwood Flooring
*Manufacturers may have varying grade criteria. Generally, unfinished flooring must meet minimum grade requirements but please be aware of differing specifications. Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.