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January Cyber Sale.
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Product Detail
Unit Of Measure: 1
Price: $28.50
Extended Product Information
  • manufacturer: Indiana Floors LLC
  • collection: Shipping
  • color: NA
  • warranty: You will get The item with 6 days or your "Expedited Shipping" money back
  • Shipping: Increase arrival time by 6-8 days
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    Canada Shipping 3(ProVa Mat-Kerdi and Small rolls of ProVa Flex-Ditra)

    Canada Shipping 2(ProVa Flex-Ditra Full rolls)

    Canada Shipping 4(ProVa Mat-Kerdi Kits 48",60"

    Canada Shipping 5(ProVa Mat-Kerdi Kits 72", 104")

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    #ProductCategoryProduct IDProduct DescriptionUnitPriceCart
    1ShippingCanada Shipping 3(ProVa Mat-Kerdi and Small rolls of ProVa Flex-Ditra)Shipping(ProVa Mat-Kerdi and Small rolls of ProVa Flex-Ditra)1$18.50Add To Cart
    2ShippingCanada Shipping 2(ProVa Flex-Ditra Full rolls)Shipping(ProVa Flex-Ditra Full rolls)1$40.50Add To Cart
    3ShippingCanada Shipping 4(ProVa Mat-Kerdi Kits 48",60"Shipping (ProVa Mat-Kerdi Kits 48",60")1$80.50Add To Cart
    4ShippingCanada Shipping 5(ProVa Mat-Kerdi Kits 72", 104")Shipping (ProVa Mat-Kerdi Kits 72", 104")1$130.50Add To Cart